Professional Workshops

Staff and Volunteer Workshops

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             Workshops are designed to advance professional standards and                          practices of your institution can be customized to meet your individual needs.

  • Storage Materials – Covers the proper care and handling of the full range of textiles while providing guidance for updating out of date practices. Storage procedures, packing materials, handling protocols, storage challenges and options, and suggestions for storage area design are included.
  • Collection Management – Explores practices and principles associated with standard collection management. Topics include mission statement development, record keeping, documentation, collection data management, environmental monitoring,  pest management, resolution of common storage problems, and disaster preparedness.
  • Mount-Making for Storage –  Explores materials and procedures used to create proper mounts for storage. Storage solutions and mounts for special objects such as hats, fans, shoes, and accessories are discussed.
  • Mannequins for Exhibition – Defines materials and methods used to prepare and dress period mannequins for exhibition. Proper foundation garments, padding, acceptable practices, and safe materials are covered.

Public Workshops 

Public workshops are designed to serve as a fundraising source for institutions and to instruct individuals in the proper care and storage of historic and family heirlooms.

  • Preserving Family Heirloom’s Workshop – Participants may bring an heirloom textile for identification and analysis. Instruction for proper handling, display, storage and long-term care is provided.
  • The Conservator at Work Workshop – Public can observe how a conservator documents objects including fiber identification, dye fastness, weave structure, stabilization work, and a simple cleaning demonstration. Demonstrations can also include the steps required to prepare an historically accurate mannequin for exhibition.

 Please feel free to request a  workshop topic unique to your institution.